Get a VIN Check

A free VIN check can uncover several things about a car including past thefts and even flood damage. This free report is furnished by the NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau).

See the basic information about your vehicle and how many records we have. Enter your car VIN# to get started!

Don’t have a VIN? You can still get a report on a car!

There are also free VIN checks offered by car report companies like Autocheck(r), and they may list even more information. To get one of those reports, enter your VIN Above.

Why do you need a VIN check? It saves you time by filtering out those vehicles with major flood damage and thefts. Plus, it is free. You should also get a car report, however because the information on the VIN check is not entirely complete. If the car was not insured by someone who is part of the VIN check program, you may not find out everything you need to know.